The Project By the stream

The implementation of the QR codes in the ambient learning

In September 2018 Scio Association got funding from the local government of Gornji Milanovac for the project By the stream. The project was based on the creation of the application that helped its users get to know the cultural and historical heritage of Rudnik-Takovo district. The application was used on the field by the students of first cycle of elementary education in the process of ambient learning. The main goal of the application was to foment, in an interesting way, a positive attitude towards the tradition. We consider that great potential can be found in connecting new technologies and learning goals of the students.

The Project My Place-my hero

Investigational activities of the students and digitalization of historical corpus

My hero-my place project aims to educate students about the life and work of important people from their district. The project takes place in Rudnik-Takovo district. The students are motivated to investigate and recollect the information about the important people, use different resources and create, on their own, written and video materials based on the corpus they recollected. The edited materials will be uploaded on the website and Youtube channel and will be accessible to all the interested parties.

Association SCIO

About us

Scio Association was founded in November 2017 in Gornji Milanovac. The fields in which the Association works are education, culture, informing the public, protection of human rights and the rights of the minorities, sustainable development of the community. The main goal of the Association is education of children, youth and adults, with the emphasis on the introduction of innovations in the process of education. Moreover, another the important goal is the promotion of the local community and showing its full potential.

The members of the Association have different professional backgrounds. Some of us are teachers, designers, programmers, among others.

The Project Agora

The implementation of mobile application in ambient learning

The idea for the Agora Project was developed in January 2019. The main goal of the project is collaboration with foreign educational facilities in order to create the application that would be used for ambient learning and that would help with learning about the cultural, historical and artistic heritage, as well as the natural resources of different regions. The application is to be used by the students of elementary schools of partner countries.

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